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Being Sued By Capital Financial Group


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Received summons,answered summons but due to an illness and hospitalization missed the deadline for Admission of Facts and now have received "Motion for Summary Judgement". Are we screwed? We believe they have incorrect information all the way around.

1. Re: SOL last payment recorded on the statement they sent us was 10.21.02. But they claim it was 04.23.03 which their statement ended on 04.22.03.

2. The principle balance on the summons and the principle balance on the statement do not match.

3. They say they are an assignee of Providian yet it looks like the account was sold three different times.

4. On the admission of facts the credit card account number is not even a credit card number.....

I hate if I am rambling but I just want to make sure our ducks are in a row.

Any help or advice?

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