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Split/Locked/Chopped file on EQ? A different approach


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I've been thinking about a different approach to the whole split/locked/tradeline choppage problem on EQ.

I've read their SEC filings. None of their 10-K nor 10-Q filings with the SEC (and those are their annual reports and quarterly reports) mention *anything* about consumer files being too large. They must file accurate 10-K and 10-Q statements. They must be audited. They are filed under penalty of perjury and with the possibility of criminal action if they're wrong.

EQ's filings don't mention splitting, chopping, locking. But these things do occur. The filings don't mention the downside risk of telling consumers their file is "too large to be pulled over the internet."

As a result, the shares are priced too high, and individual investors (have you checked to see if you have any EQ stock in a mutual fund) may lose money.

So, why not ALSO file complaints with the SEC? This can lead to criminal charges and FBI investigations, which sound way more likely to produce results than the pansies at the FTC ever will.

No offense to pansies, they're pretty. I just don't want them being my watchdog, y'know?

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