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Listing of defendants?

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I printed an updated TC CR last night. *Grrr!!*

Palisades is now reporting on Experian AND Equifax. I pulled all of my credit reports that I have and it's an issue of re-insertion on EX & EQ.

If I were to sue, do I file separate lawsuits (1 for EX, 1 for EQ & 1 for Palisades) or do I list all 3 as defendant under 1 lawsuit?

Also, I believe I would have to also list/name the registered agent as a defendant correct?

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Thanks RA!

I knew I would have to have the registered agent served (in NC) since the company that I'm suing is in New Jersey. I just wasn't sure if I had to list them as Defendants or not.

As soon as I finish typing up the lawsuit - I am hoping to post it up here (minus all the personal info) so everyone can critique it for me.

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