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Received settlement letter for 50% for Citi account, need advice


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Hi all, well I had a citi card that charged off about 7 months ago. I've been laying low and haven't heard anything until about a month ago when I received a letter from Academy Collections offering 80%. I never responded to it and today I received this from them

"We are you sending this letter in an attempt to clear this long overdue debt. Our client may accept less than the current balance as settlement for this account.

***Settlement Amount $1480.74 You Save $1480.74****

Upon approval, receipt and clearance of the agreed upon amount, our client will notify the appropiate credit bureaus that this account has been settled."

I can pay this amount, but should I call the CA and ask them to send a new settlement letter with better language, such as considered settled in full, all collection activities will cease?

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