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Collection Agency: 496YC03413 -need addresses.


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So on my FICO report it shows some bills from Bellsouth, some of which are totally inaccurate.

I am in the process of DV'ing but I can't figure out who these collection agencies are:



I checked at http://www.bbb.org/ but I couldn't find out the CA's addresses through it, or even a real name.

I checked here: http://www.creditinfocenter.com/repair/How2FindACreditor.shtml

But some of those links don't work and the others don't seem to pull up anything for those weird "names"...

These are NOT account numbers, they are identified as Collection Agencies for the OC Bellsouth.

Should I go with Bellsouth's address or try to find the CA's addresses?

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Pull the report from the actual CRA, not through a third party like myfico -- some collections (such as medical) are not permitted to show third parties the name of the creditor or collection agency. Most myfico.com reports have direct links to the disputes for the CRAs. A warning: don't pull up a TU one unless you intend to actually dispute.

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