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Phone based goodwill campaigns


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I have heard and read a lot about mail-based goodwill campaigns. I bet there is something to it. I have personally used the phone for the 3 goodwill resolutions that I needed so far. The results have been quick and very positive.

One thing I noticed is that you have to be wise when you go over someone's head. What I mean is, if you are speaking with a customer rep supervisor and he says that he "cannot help you", that very well might be. If he didn't say that his company cannot help you, but that he can't, then it's probably not in his discretion to do what you are asking. Goodwill and career endangerment are two entirely different things. I found this to be very useful,

Sir, I understand that you can only do what is in your discretion to do. I wouldn't ask you to do anything that could cause trouble. Please tell me who I can speak with that has the authority to make exceptions to the policy you just explained to me.

If the supervisor says that no one has that discretion, then you need to find a different supervisor. I just figured out what shift this guy was on and found a different person to talk to. The new lady gave me the same "it's impossible" answer, but then told me "The only one who can make this decision is in the presidential unit of the company. I don't even have a phone number there, but here's an address you can send a letter to."

Address - blah! That's another mail pile, probably another $7/hour employee filtering useful from the useless before it reaches the person I need.

So, next Google to get some contact information of senior management. Also, post questions on this and other boards in case someone else has it.

When you have the right contact, try calling all numbers again, this time asking for the right person by name. From what I've seen, the right person has also not spent a lot of time getting jaded by deadbeat phone calls. I'm batting three for three in finding sympathetic, professional people on the other end of the line when you've climbed up high enough.

Also, I have a friend who is a senior manager in a well known credit card company, and she explains - if we see that the consumer has a reasonable case and they are that determined to get resolution, we are trained to avoid problems down the road and just resolve the matter.

I should point out a few more things:

1. Faxes get through screening a lot better than mail if you have the right contact person and fax number

2. Emails get through even better.

3. Flag your email as urgent so that it stands above clutter

4. Sending emails or faxes the day before you call is very effective

Just some thoughts....

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