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Credit Bureau "Transunion"

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I had a housing bill from the university of vermont from 2002. I was not aware of the balance until i pulled my credit report. Well I paid the balance and they posted the account twice. They inserted a new paid account and them ignored the old one. Anyway I disputed with Transunion and they never listed the account as Account information disputed by consumer."

I called Uvermont and they told me it would be corrected.

Well since this has been more than a month I call Transunion today and they guy basically was asking all these questions about the debt when I told him I wanted to dispute the debt. he said it has been paid and will be removed in may 2007. i know that that is not true because the debt is from 2002.

Bottom line that bastard refused to dispute the paid debt. Can they do that? I know Equifax did that to me for a paid account that was not mine. ATTCO for $71 paid before i found this site. I wrote they never responded. disputed on line nothing. Today i got a nice lady who said she will dispute the TL.

Does anyone have this problem with the CRAs refusing dispute something that is paid. Can they legally do this?

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Thanks for all the help

I got a response from transunion yesterday. They have deleted one of the accounts, a duplicate. The question I have now is do I dispute again?

The $200 I paid was a balance I owed on rent in the dorms. I was not aware there was a balance (my fault). Anyway now on my report it says student loan. This was not a student loan.

I need to take out private loans student loans next year to finish school and I am worried that this student loan entry may not look good even if it says paid.

What should I do. I would like it off totally removed but what is the best option for now. Dispute that it was not a student loan. Will that even make a difference?

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