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CRA's & OC debt validation process


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Good Afternoon All:

I'm new to the board ( visited for about 6 months though) and have some basic questions that I would appreciate your assistance with.

I filed Ch7 on 7/2002 and was discharged on 10/2002 (lot's of medical bills and extended unemployment).

Obviously, the old credit file took a major dump - the upper 400's, I believe. After about 1-2 years, I started reading up on this stuff, and set out to get my creditworthiness back again - what a pain.......

Countless hours, letters, CMRRR, complaints to FTC & AG's, etc., etc., etc..

Currently, my composite score is a 671 from the "Big 3", so I guess the work paid off? However, here is my "current" standing, and I would like to finish this thing up - once and for all!!!

Bk ch7 EQ,EX,TU

GEMB/Home Depot EQ,EX,TU




Bank of America (late) EQ,EX

US Dept of Ed (late) EQ,EX

Several inquiries over 1 year old.

I have pulled CR's several times over the years, challenged the negative TL's and got the majority of them deleted - same with inquiries.

After a 3 month rest, I have requested my CR's again, and will review them when they arrive at the first of the month. I plan on disputing the TL's that did not bother to send any "legal" documentation obligating me for the debts (BofA & GMAC did validate).

After the results of the investigations are complete, I plan on DV'ing the remaining TL's again, along with the inquiries.

Do any of you out there have any "really cool" letters available that you would be able to share so that I could make this last pass with them. As I said, I have written many, however, several of you are very knowlegable and I've seen some of your examples - I'm very impressed!!!

Sorry to be so long - Thanks in advance for your time.

To the rest of you getting started, keep up the hard work and do your DD - it will get better - Good Luck! :)++XhelpX

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