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Pay no attention to TrueCredit FAKO scores!

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I have always known as many do on this forum that the FAKO scores provided by the CRA's and through PrivacyGuard and TrueCredit and such are not really accurate. My scores on TrueCredit have always been about 20 points lower than my true FICO score give or take a point or two.

However, today I got a notification from TrueCredit that a change had been posted to my Experian credit report which was my lowest at 570 (TC FAKO). I have 14 accounts on Experian. Oldest trade line is over 10 years old and I have lots of TL's that are over 5 years old. I have a few slow pays (30 and 60 day lates) on a couple of accounts and 2 charge-offs.

The alert that I got today was telling me that a charge-off was deleted. This wasn't a credit card or anything. It was something I signed-up for online 4 years ago and never used. It was not reporting until they showed a charge off on my CR 2 years ago. So the TL was a 2 year old charge off for an old bill that wasn't paid because I never used their service.

So this was deleted today. No other changes to my EX report. My score went from 570 to 563 AFTER THEY DELETED A RELATIVELY RECENT CHARGE-OFF! How could that be? Score going DOWN with the deletion of a charge-off that wasn't even giving me history???

So I logged-in to MyFICO and purchased my updated EX score. Well, MyFICO (true FICO score) soared from 598 to 642 with this deletion!

Not only did my true FICO score go up dramatically with this deletion, but now the difference in my EX FICO vs. TrueCredit FAKO is 79 points! Big difference!

Just want to re-iterate to everyone how dramatically the FAKO's and FICO's can vary and even the effect changes (even big one's) have on your CR can be completely different (helping vs. hurting) when looking at FAKO's vs. FICO's.

BTW, for my last remaining charge-off, I already have a PFD offer from Citibank and I've sent them the payment on Monday so that should also delete very soon from all three CR's at which point I'll just have a few slow pays to deal with now. My average score in just 45 days of credit repair has increased 90 points and should go up even further with the last charge-off being deleted soon.

Thanks everyone! I couldn't have done it without you!

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Yeah, I understand that. I have WAY more history than that CO, though and very good history at that. I have 14 accounts on EX going back 10 years. What kind of history is a 2 year old CO giving me that the negative aspect of a CO is not counter-balancing???? Especially, when I have only 2 neg's and 12 good accounts.

But my MAIN point was that it caused a DROP in my FAKO, but a HUGE bump in my FICO. So it wasn't even the history issue, but the effect and the difference in scores between FICO and FAKO's.

Things that can hurt a particular FAKO can have very positive impact on your REAL FICO. That was the point. There is almost no relationship between the two whatsoever.

I used to think they had similarities, but now feel that there is absolutely no relationship at all and can almost be completely disregarded. Even for "monitoring" purposes.

There's just no correlation at all.

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Also remember some industries (credit cards, auto loans) may use their own scoring model which itself has no relation to a true FICO. They'll weigh different aspects differently in calculating a score. You need to take all of these numbers with a grain of salt, and not worry too much about them so much as the tradelines.

It is nice to see them go up though.

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