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SOL on tuition bill


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Hi all,

I had a tuition bill (not a loan) from a private college that went to collection agency. I had financial difficulty during the time and could not pay it off. My last payment was in year 2000. Still owe the bill. Since it's been 7 years now it no longer shows on my CR. I'd like to ask you guys experts a few questions:

1. Can I still be sued? Am I safe from SOL?

2. Is tuition bill considered a written contract or open account?

This was in IL and I have moved out of state a couple of years ago. Never heard from the school nor the CA.

Thanks very much for any reply.

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Thanks, direred for pointing that out. Unless I pay I won't have the degree (or transcript for that matter).

What worries me now that the negative is gone from my credit report is I'd like to establish credit. I also recently bought a new car due to recent loss of previous one in an accident so I'm a little worried that my property might be in jeopardy if they sue.

Any other suggestion?

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Thank you very much LynnInMN.

Illinois SOL for:

oral agreements 5 yrs

written contracts 10 yrs

promissory notes 6 yrs

open accounts 5 yrs

I'd like to ask which category Tuition bill falls into?

It's been about 7 years or so now. Has the time pass the SOL in my case?

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For tuition accounts, they can only sue you up to your state SOL. However they will hold your transcripts, official and unofficial, until the debt is paid.

For public schools, tuition accounts are considered public debt and those can be collected via tax offset.

So as long as he never gets a refund, he'll be ok? lol

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