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Has anyone seen this website?


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I received this in my email. Seems as if it is debt collectors bragging on how they abuse people and seems as this is for sale. THEY NEED TO GO OUT OF BUSINESS:

: JaneMadisonPCM@aol.com Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert

Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 08:10:51 EDT

Subject: "PCM Holdings" Collection Agency WEBSITE is for sale!


The PCM Holdings website is for sale. http://www.pcmholdings.com/Forum/default.asp

The website consists of a Debt Buyers and Debt Sellers Forum, a Discussion Forum and a Portfolios for Sale Forum.

It holds over 600 hundred industry related email addresses for sending news letters etc.

It is self maintained and the hosting is pre-paid for one year.

We currently have one paying advertiser. We have not put any time into selling ads, as we are too busy with our current project.

You can change the name and content to whatever you wish.

It’s a lot of fun. It’s great for getting clients and or and networking within the industry.

We are substantially lowering the sale price for quick sale to $5,500.00.

First come first served. If you are interested, please email me or call me.

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I love this post by Derek the CA.....

It explains the threatening letter I got from a CA.

Why bother performing two separate actions?

File the suit FIRST, and THEN attach the validation to the S&C when it's served on the debtor. Kill two birds with one stone.

We know all too well that 99 out of 100 "disputes" are BS lies to avoid paying the debt. So when you get the validation, shove it right into their face with a lawsuit. It's the only way you're going to win with these vultures from AoC, Debtor Boards, Credit Boards, etc.

If enough agencies do this, the consumers will start realizing that the brilliant advice they receive on those boards can bite them in the a$$.

Just this morning I was discussing this subject with an agency owner that I know has a net worth near $10 million. He agrees with me completely and has not hesitated to play the brinksmanship game with debtors that think they're going to run up the agency's legal costs. He WINS every case, and while it costs him money on occasion, he refuses to let these little extortionists get the better of him.

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