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How Exactly Do I Get These Safe Scan And Hawk Alerts Removed From Tu And Eq?

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I asked before and never got an answer... I did a search first.

I called TU and asked nicely and the woman from india said they could not be removed ever.

Equifax has Safe Scan and Experian has FACS+ which is similar to a Hawk Alert and a Trans Alert.

The Safe Scan ( EQ) and the Hawk alert (TU) are both on my TU AND EQ and making it impossible for me to get credit Without sending in proof of residence And tax returns. Never had this problem ever before that.

I am SELF EMPLYOYED 20 years. Have 750 Fico all 3 no bads. 25kdebt 70Kcl, 3 cards at 15k+

I dont want to send in Tax returns, as my income is up 78% from last year...I never had to send them before.

And I just got turned down on two 0% BT....by discover and chase.

Because of:

HAWK ALERT. Says below:

Camp Site Secretarial Service Check Cashing Service Restaurant/Bar/Nightclub Storage Facility Airport/Airfield Truck Stop Commercial

may be an employee or resident at commercial site. Applicant may be misusing application information to create new identity or to obtain credit under another's legitimate identity.

sources, e.g. White Pages, directory assistance, etc. Verify other information on application. Telephone number: Contact applicant at telephone number. Employement Credit references from financial institutions or other creditors

Bottom line: this loft IS a storage facility and a business address now AND

I have lived/worked here for 10 years with no problem like this.

What specific pieces of info do I need to send to the CR agencies to clear this up once and for all?

LIST to send certified to TU, EQ, EX and FICO?

1) photocopy of drivers license (with address showing but picture not shown and just last 4 digits of DR number).

2) orginal phone bill

3) bank statement

4) company bank statement

5) Letter asking to take off the hawk alert. TU

6) letter asking to take of the safe scan. EQ

What else should be on this list?

What do I need to send to clear this up

once and for all? THX

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Just a little Google.. not an expert on anything but I sure can google.

Here is a good tid bit:


Found this:

What is meant by the term "HAWK ALERT" in the credit report?

There are three major credit bureaus in the United States: Trans Union, Experian (formerly TRW), and CBI/Equifax. CARCO initially accesses the Trans Union credit report in the investigative process. A unique feature provided by Trans Union is the "HAWK ALERT," which is a flag to let the reader know that there may be some item of information that is inconsistent, though not necessarily adverse. For example, the system would alert the reader to the fact that a SSN was issued in a state other than that of the subject's current residence. Some flags indicate a discrepancy with respect to the address(es) used by the subject for credit purposes (e.g., a commercial address). Located here

From all the things I read it is possible to send your last seven years of residence

and other supporting documents, have them notarized and send them certified.

I would not send my bank statement unless I had to.

I would use utility bills.

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