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OK, I think I have followed the proper DV procedure but could use a little assistance. Here's the scenario:

Mid-August: Received a letter from Credit Management, LP saying I owe for an overdue Comcast bill.

8/24/06: Sent DV letter to Credit Management. It included language that all communication with me must be in writing. They receive it on 9/5/06.

9/7/06: Credit Management sends me a letter saying they received my letter and that “Comcast submitted this account to our office for collections on June 14, 2006. This account has an outstanding balance of $107.36 and was opened with a SSN ending with XXXX.”

9/8/06: Credit Management sends me a second letter saying “Per your request, CMI notified Comcast of your claim regarding your past due account. This letter serves as notification that Comcast has researched their records and verified that your account is overdue and that you continue to owe $107.36. To avoid further collection activity…”

At this point, they are still calling me about 2 times every other day or so. I know their number on the caller ID of my cell phone (what I use for a home number) and do not answer it, as I have no way of recording the calls. Nothing has yet showed up on my credit reports.

10/5/06: I send the second DV letter, as although Credit Management has “verified” that I owe Comcast, they have not proven they have the right to collect. They received this letter on 10/11/06.

Today (10/25/06): While logging on to check the results of a few disputes with Experian, I find that Credit Management has placed a Collection account on my credit report as of “October 2006.” In the “remarks” section, it says “Account information disputed by consumer. (Meets requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.” I never disputed this with the CRAs though, as nothing had been on my credit report until now.

What is my next move? Thanks for your help!!!

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Hi there,

Here are some general thoughts...

Firstly, if you sent them a DV-that is disputing the debt and that is why they are now reporting it as such--on that note it sounds like they've done the right thing. On the other hand, if they're still calling you despite your formal request that they NOT call you, then you have them on a violation.

If it were me, I'd look up what entails true debt validation. It sounds like all they did was called up Comcast and asked, "Does this person owe this..." and Comcast said, "Um...yeah." Sounds kinda like Beavis and Butthead, but anyway....if they haven't validated this debt with you per whatever the rules say, go ahead and file your dispute w/ the CRA's telling them such. See what happens. Also, as far as their contact w/ you--go ahead and report that to the FTC.


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