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The JDB I am dealing with has the wrong 16 digit account number.

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I have an old credit report that shows the corrrect 16 digit account number . Is there anyway I can prove that they have the wrong account without giving the JDB the correct number .

I am afraid that even if I am able to win in court that they will then turn around and sell it to another JDB with the correct 16 digit account number this time. Then the next JDB will be able to sue me with the correct account number.

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:)++ I have one like that too and I also wondered the same thing. If I make a fuss, will that make things worse for me. :confused:

Ha, well, I was trying to show that they were reporting wrong, got a letter from one of the JDB's lawyers who pointed out that we were talking two different tradelines (I'm not sure we were; the account had been renumbered at some point, but the OC had no records any more). Used that letter as a part of my legal filings and parlayed settlement into deletion and a moderate check.

So, if you're persistent enough (and go far enough up the ladder), sure, it can help you that the number is wrong.

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