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Mutual of Omaha Inquiries

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I am stymied as to why Mutual of Omaha is pulling soft inquiries on my credit report? I do not have any business with them or any of their products, but they are pulling soft inquiries every three months? Why are they doing this? Any ideas? I also noted another insurance company, providian also pulling soft inquiries. Is it a conspiracy???

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I have reviewed my credit file with (CRA)and noticed that you did an inquiry on (DATE). I have enclosed a copy of the information (CRA) supplied to me regarding this credit inquiry.

Please provide to me your PERMISSIBLE PURPOSE for this credit inquiry. I have no knowledge of any relationship with your company, past or present, that would require a reason for your review of my credit file.

Please also note that my credit report is blocked for promotional purposes and has been prior to your (date) inquiry!

Refrain from any credit inquiries for any reason until you have established PERMISSIBLE PURPOSE.

Your Name

Your Address

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