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DV or not DV

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I DV'd the CA and got my green card back after 15 days. I also got a letter from the CA dated the same day that my green card was signed stating only the OC, the account # and that I had 30 days to respond...blah blah blah..they did not supply all the info I asked for in my letter.

Should I take this as their response to my DV letter and report to CRA's? Or send the CA another DV letter?

I actually called the OC on this account last November and they let me open two new accounts with no deposit. (It is an electrical company) They said there was no money owed.

If I sent a dispute letter and included a statement from the OC to the CRA that my account is in good standing would it help? Or should I wait the full 30 days from my original DV to the CA.

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