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Question about chargeoff account


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Hello everyone,

I just have to say that the help here is amazing. I got another baddie removed from all three CRA. Goodwill letters have helped me remove three paid collections this month. The CEO of one company was so nice I wanted to use there service again even though I did not need it.

I am not going to do any dance here ever again not until my report is clean. Every time i get excited something else happens.

Anyway I have a providian account that i have copied the infomation below.

[TransUnion] Charged off as bad debt

Purchased by another lender


[Equifax] Account transferred or sold

Charged off account

TransUnion Equifax

Past Due: $0

High Balance: $2437 $1865


Limit: $1900

Payment: $0

Opened: 03/16/1999 03/1999

Reported: 07/25/2006 08/2006

Responsibility: Individual Individual

Late Payments (last 7 years): Equifax

30 days late: 2

60 days late: 1

90 days late: 18

This account is a providian account and it was charged off in 2002. Is Equifax reporting in correctly by having 18, 90 days late on the account?

Does this mean it is reporting as late every month since it was charged off?

Transunion has no listing for lates and account not on experian report.

I think this is affecting my score although it is four years old because of the late payments. When I check my scores it always says i have a recent late. I have not been late with bills since about April and that account deleted.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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