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Library Bill (Collection)


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HI everyone, I have been going through this forum for several months now and I want to thank everyone for the Inputs and Help. I have cleaned out my Credit Reports with the help from you guys out here.

I only have one little problem here. I was a Fraud Victim case so I was able to remove a collection Account but when I was doing this and spoke with the Collection Agency they told me that I also have an open Library Card balance of $22.50. That’s right a couple of bucks. So, she told me that I can pay that with her or just go to the Library and pay it there. It was not on any credit report at that time. Also she told me to pay it before it might go to CRA. So I did pay it at the Library the next following week. I received a receipt for it and the Library told me that they will fax that right over to the Collection Agency. That was almost a month ago. Last night I found out that they (the Collection Agency) reported it to Experian for the amount of $79.00 as paid as agreed. Unbelievable!!

What is my option here to get that removed from my Experian Report? I am willing to file a law suit as well if necessary.

Thank you!


FICO Scores:

July 2006: EX--544, EQ--629, TU--603

Nov 2006: EX--698, EQ--691, TU--681

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