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Small Claims Opinion ?: Can I Sue? Should I Sue?

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I want your opinions. I recently married and had ordered a custom wedding gown. I worked with the designer up to a week prior to the wedding. The week of the wedding their behavior became very strange and the dress is delivered only days before the wedding (later than promised) and is a disaster (and not to specifications at all). A miracle transpired and I ended up with a beautiful gown at the last minute (THANK GOD).

So, here's my question. I don't know much about small claims court but you can imagine the heartache and impact this had on me and my family leading up to the wedding. Can I sue them for pain and suffering in small claims? If you were me, would you?



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Thanks admin and msldystrkr. I just want closure to this situation but I do want them to suffer some especially because I found out when I got back I was at least the second bride this has happened to in a matter of months! I guess I'll post warnings on the net and then let karma take care of them...

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