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2 Deletes! Bless God. Gained some on my score too. Be encouraged everyone...

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Please let me know what did you do to get the items deleted. I just did DV to all of my creditors, and sent a letter in to the CRA and I don't think that I got any deletes. My next step will be method of verification to the CRA. Please fill me in on how you did yours.Thanks in advance


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Follow the validation flow chart.

Try to find any information you have on the old debt.

Keep a good log of calls, time line, letters you sent to CA or CRAs.

I have a folder with copies of my reports, time line, receipts...

It got to be confusing.

Next, get your finances in order.

Begin to keep a payment folder of recent bills each month, organize yourself.

Try to pay down your cards, don't eat out, stay at home for one month and see how much money you save... put it toward your bills that month.

I emailed the CEOs. I got a letter stating they had no knowledge of my account any longer. In email programs you can get a receipt and save it that they received it. I had 3 responses from CEO's admins.. they helped.

one letter I received proved I did not owe on the account.

I disputed balance and dates in both CA and CRAs.

I also phoned the CRAs.

Those couple of thirty day lates, I sent a letter asking them to update my account... if the accounts were old, I disputed the CRAs saying they were old.

I had a charge off... I disputed it as was to be deleted after payment and it's gone too.

I haven't really stopped, I almost do this daily. I pull my report daily.

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congratulations. it does take time and persistance. ive been working now diligently for about 3 years or so. my credit sucked. i wasnt making the money i should have been to pay the type of lifestyle i was living. long story short..i JUST (as in 10 minutes ago) got approved for a target red card. whoo hoo. 200 credit limit. wow. i also got apprioved for unsecured bank of america gold card for 500 and 250 with household (orchard bank). the trick is to dispute every single item on your credit report. i have some old chargeoffs on there and a collection or 2. dispute them all, then when you apply for a card and they check your credit, by law it can not be disclosed. so then you are more likely to be approved. for instance maybe your scores are low, but you have positive trade lines. i had my parents put me on their accounts as authorized users. of course they have credit history and like 10 years iwth th esame card, never late, coupled with my 2 other little credit cards, never late, i guess target gave me a shot. i co0uldnt beleive it..at first it said "you need further processing" i then went to check status immediatley and it reprpcessed and said im approved.

it can be addicting in a way and compulsive. i had just about every single negative tradeline deleted from transunion. its great. i find experian to be the most annoyingh, then eqfax. good luck, stuck wtih it

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That is very interesting.

I have disputed nearly everything... because I thought, what could it hurt.

Then some of them started being deleted.. I was so encouraged.

I felt like years of ignorance, had an ex that use to pay all the bills and would

never let me know what was going on. He used religion to keep me out of the loop.. you know. I am a woman.

Regardless, I made some mistakes on my own but some were a direct result of not educating myself, not having enough to get by. That was nearly 5 years ago and I have a great job, put kids through school, pay all my bills on time, bought 3 cars (one for the kids) I am blessed but it drives me nuts to know that I have a few negatives on my CR.

Thanks for the info..

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Wow! After reading your post, I went to Target and they approved me for a Red Card $200.00

I also got a 500.00 Macy's card and a GE card for 600.00 all in the same day.

They won't be used... I've learned... if I can't pay cash for something at the end of the month, I won't use them.

My plan is to purchase something small, pay it off at the end of the month and not use them.

Thank you so much.

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What did you mean in your post that if you dispute something and then apply for credit that you are more likely to be approved b/c they cannot by law release the information. Do you mean while it is under investigation? Or just the fact that it was disputed? I am frustrated I have disputed numerous things with exerian and have had no luck with them or equifax to date and just feel like I am stuck.

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My credit report was black and white.

First 3 years out of six, I had lates, a charge off, one paid for less,

and three things that showed up that one had bad merchandise and the company went bankrupt after they took my sofa set back, it was still reporting, the other was a PC that was returned to OC and they sent a replacement, which still wasn't working and I sent it back but they have no record of it.

The last three years of my life have been perfect. Good credit pay on time for everything. Paid off a car, bought another one, pay on time and bought another car for my sons.

But those first three years of history effected my score tremendously.

I thought what the heck.. I disputed everything, sent DV letters, followup letters, letters to the inquiry pulls.. I worked hard, created a database so I could just do simple mail merging in my Word software and

sent them all post/certified, kept a folder of all 7 of them and then there were some little ones... medical stuff for kids, my ex was to pay...

I worked at it at least an hour or more every night...

signed up for Equifax and Experian.. couldn't for TU cause they said someone tried ot pull my report and I didn't answer a question correctly.. so I have to snail mail those..but I pull my report every day, I disputed everything negative...

And today I got 3 Credit cards... Macy's, Target and AmEx Delta Sky Miles

I took my highest score of 598 for Equifax and went here:

looked at all the companies that use this rating system and applied..

We needed tires for our car, I found a GM tired cc... I got it for my DH.


Good luck, keep good records of disputes, get organzied and

keep a log of what you did. It helps.. it's for your future... your good credit will come if you work at it.

Mine isn't perfect but it's going better.. up 10 points in one month.

When I applied today they may or may not have been able to expose I had some things in dispute so maybe they didn't see or perhaps that my 598 score on Equifax was good enough.

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