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Here is a tip on organizing and tracking your efforts


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I’m just a newbie to this but this method is helping me track my progress. This is especially helpful because I was starting to loose track of when and what items I was disputing on-line. With this, during phone calls you can effectively log who, when, and what was said.

For my “Time” and “Phone call” tracking I use MS Outlook. The way I set it up was:

1. Create 3 “Calendar Items” folders and name them after each CRA.

2. Create an additional Calendar Items” folder called “Activity” or whatever.

3. Create an entry under the appropriate CRA each time an event occurs i.e. the date and items you disputed.

4. Set “Reminders” to alert you when 30, 45 day marks have been reached.

5. Each time you correspond with OC/CA etc.. create a entry in “Activity” and you can enter in details such as remarks, current status and where the documents are stored.

For Document Tracking I use this method:

1. Create a directory under “My Documents” and name it something like “My Credit Repair”

2. Create subdirectoies for each OC/CA or whatever.

3. Scan or Print to PDF all three of your CRs and store them in the main directory.

4. Scan or print to PDF all Correspondences, receipts, DVs, and CMRRRs and store it in the appropriate directory. (Don’t Loose the originals)

I personally prefer not have papers all over my desk so I just scan and store the originals. If I need to send a document I’ll just print the PDF and send or E-mail. The originals are safely stored in the case of it going to court.

Note: For printing directly to PDF there are tons of Freeware software for that.

Hope this help someone!

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That Backpack site looks great and probably perfect for this kind of tracking. Although, I wouldn’t upload personal documents with personal info on it (Just me personally). But otherwise it looks great! Also perfect for people that don’t have Outlook or looking for an alternative. Thanks for the link!

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I am actually working on my credit report, to keep track of all the letters and disputes I use the software from www.creditreportcorrect.com. I don't need to save any mails or phone calls, because I only send letters to dispute my entries. That works perfectly for me.

For further paperwork I store a lot as PDF. I use a Word-extension, so I can generate the PDF directly with Word.

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