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So much for avoiding the process server...


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:evil: My bosses told me not to worry, that the policy of the corp. was not to acknowledge my employment, if the PS showed up...Well I took Fri. off after working 12 days in a row....and I get a call from work at 20 to 5P...the idiot came in demanded to see me, and sat down and didn't move. Instead of letting him wait for 20 min. when the office closed, and telling him to leave then.....my boss calls me, he was in her office and heard her. So I told him if he wanted to serve me, he could meet me on my porch in 10 min. He did. He's a Victim's Advcate for a neighboring county's Prosecuting Atty...he lives in this county, and does this for extra money. Is it legal for him to use the tools of his primary job to find out where I work???

He asked me why I wouldn't open the door when he came by "many times" before....I said "I don't owe you an explanation of my actions."

My Atty is at a seminar until Mon eve, but I faxed the stuff with the summons and his Intern will start looking into it for me.

The court date is 11/28/06 1:30 PM.....Happy b-day to me!!!

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