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Need info on online credit "groups"/"clubs"


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:confused: I may wind up loosing this in court, as they have the contract, and it states that they arranged the financing, but did not finance it...Even though the checks were made out to them and the return endorsement on the back was from them. I'm waiting for my Atty's thoughts. I could settle out of court for about 1/2 of what they might get in court...if it comes to that...but I don't have the $$, and am just looking at possibilities.

In the mean time I received an invitation to join an online group of private lenders...where they bid on your loan...for more info please see my post on the loans & financing forum.

Where can I check out if this is legal and reasonably safe??? :confused:



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I don't know how well Prosper is going to do, but I happen to be fascinated with the concept.

Borrowers are rated based on their Experian ScoreX (AA, A, B, C, D, E, High Risk, or No Credit). I'm currently an E.

Information about them is summarized. For example:

Now delinquent: 1 (unpaid chargeoff)

Delinquencies in last 7y: 17 (since I have 4 negative tradelines, I'm assuming this counts each instance of lateness)

Public records: 0

First recorded credit line: Mar-1992

Total credit lines: 50

Inquiries in last 6 months: 7

Debt to income ratio: 13%

That's what the lenders see, so your request for a loan should address the derogatory information.

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Yes, it's the Prosper group. I spent 6 hours online checking it out, and when my bank couldn't help me to the extent I needed....I answered the invitation.

My request is almost funded (92%) in less than 12 hours. I followed their advice when writing my listing. The rates are high, but there is no prepayment penalty. As it stays on longer people can bid down the interest %. It is a new concept....but if they can take a chance on me, I can on them also.

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