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HI all:

I had a Cross Country card which I stopped paying in 1999. In 2003 when I had to file Chapter 13, that account was added onto the list of creditors. But I did not go thru with the bankruptcy, it was DISMISSED.

This Cross Country account was dropped off my report several months ago.

But...recently, another company bought this account and RELIST it on my credit report like a new account---stating first date of activity as March 2006, Installment account when it was a revolving account and placed in in collections.

What can I do here? I have disputed but it came back VALIDATED.

Can they send me my BK filing papers and tell me that I have already acknowledge that this account is mine?

Help....this is the ONLY BADDIE left on my report.

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Let's not confuse terms here: validation is something the CA, not the CRA does. In my case it was original copies of the debt. When you go online and dispute with the CRA, for example, that is not validation.

But let's say you were provided with original copies of the debt. That doesn't mean you can't claim the SOL as your defense. I did and I never heard from the CA again. I wrote them back and said, 'thanks for the copies, but the SOL is up on this debt'. And that was it.



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to jambala,

What you refer to as another company is likely some sort of junk debt buyer.

Although the term junk debt buyer has no per say legal standing, it does convey a general lack of documentation. So realize from the get go--this other company's documentation may be so poor that they don't even know its an over seven year old debt.

And listing an over seven year debt on a credit report is a violation of credit reporting laws---you may be able to collect damages for that--but I will assume you merely want this gone.

So in that vien---sending that other company some documentation of your own proving this alleged debt is over seven years old should be all it takes to get them to fold their tent and remove it from your credit report---and to hedge your bet--I would send then an ITS clause to the effect---if they knowingly resell this paper to another company without informing this other company that the alleged debt is over seven years old, then you retain the right to sue them to the full extent of the law.

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