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i dont know about some of you guys but for me, i stayed away from fixing my report for so long after bk in 96, that i didnt care, but now, ca or co they dont scare me anymore, i take 1 at a time and try to find a answer to fix it.

either i have a defence(sol). or or if its a new and if it mine i pay and then dispute.\

most come off, 1 paid is sticking .but to me its better to just confront them and fight, i now even call the ca's because i have the knowledge from this site and the help of all here, im very gratefull. i love it when they call me an get me on the phone. this sat, the girl hung up on me because i was questioning her on the account sol?, , the acc, was from 99, way over the reporting and collection laws, she got mad,

i would have never bk'ed if i found tis site in 96, never,

so to all dont be afraid, keep fighting

sorry for the long line but it was just there.



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