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BOA, sold to Hudson then BOA sold same account to Houston


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Here is my situation please give me advise.

Supposidly I had a credit card account with Bank Of America, on my Credit Report is shows Bank of America -0- balance (origional Balance $1000) they sold to Hudson & Keyse which is on report with a $2000. balance but they do not own it now a Company named Houston funding says they bought the debt from BOA and now it is also on my report showing a balance of #1000.

I disputed with BOA they did not respond,

I disputed with Hudson (1st validation request, 2nd Validation request, then Intent to Sue) they did not respond.

I disputed with Houston they sent me letter stating the purchase contract had representations and warranties the account was in good standing. (They have no contract with my signature just a generated statement on Houston leterhead) I sent second letter letting them know that it was not sufficiant for validation, did not respond except with additional collection attempts, I then sent them an Attempt to sue letter. I have not had any response from them except again with additional collection attempts and phone calls.

As of today on my credit report BOA still shows -0- balance

Hudson still shows $2000. balance

& Houston still shows $1000. balance.

can you give me some advice on what I can and should do at this point.

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I don't have all your answers, but my guess would be that you're going to havta sue.

It is possible the BoA sold it to Hudson who then either handed it back or re-sold to Houston. If Hudson no longer owns the debt, then they should at least be listing a $0 balance and a "sold to another lender" notation on your credit reports. It is also possilbe that Hudson still owns it and has contracted with Houston to collect (or maybe its the other way around).

At any rate, sure sounds like you're going to have to punish somebody for not making it clear...

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