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Help me with grounds for a countersuit.


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I have been sued by an attorney who claims to represent an OC but refuses substantiate the original contract or proper standing to represent the OC. I have plenty of proof that I have perpetually asked for the original contract, but the attorney comes back with nothing. Never ever responds.

I know that for purposes of the FCRA and FDCPA, the attorney must respond with something, but do my rights go away once I have been sued?

This attorney won't go away even after my sworn denial of debt, upheld motion to quash for improper service (limited relief as judge told them to issue me an alias summons which I still haven't been served), and my defendant's motion for summary judgment in my favor.

Maybe a countersuit would shake them? Could you tell me if ignoring my requests for validation are grounds for countersuit, or if I have any grounds?

I don't want to make money off them, I just want them to go away....but I'll try to take their money if they don't drop their suit.

Any ideas?


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