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Credco problems fixed thanks to Erika


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I posted a few days ago regarding my problems with equifax not removing accounts requested by the CA for removal.

Well I got that fixed and thought all my mortgage problems would be solved until I found out that my broker uses Credco.

They didn't show the removal. I searched here and found the little tip Erika had posted last year. I just wanted to thank everyone here for taking the time to care and post all their experiences. This has saved me. I now have the loan!! Thank you all for such a great site.



05-03-2005, 02:45 PM


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This happened to me with Credco as well.

Ask your broker to pull a Credco report, changing up a 3 of the input fiels just a little.

For example, our broker listed our middle names the second time, listed our street directional in our address (NE, for example), and one other thing (which I cannot remember). That was enough to trigger Credco to get a fresh report.

We went through this for weeks with our broker who insisted she was getting the latest, but I was seeing no hard pulls on my credit report. I finally got ont he phone with a nice gentleman at Credco who gave me the above tip to give to our broker. We were about to get screwed because we had a bogus BK removed and it was still showing up on my husband's report.

Good luck!

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