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SOL for oregon income tax?


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I tried looking every where for it and can not find the Statute of limitations

For Oregon on collecting back income taxes.

Reason I am asking, I've just been contacted by a CA (Gereral Revenue Corp.) Letter and Phone.

They say I owe back taxes for 1991.(over phone) I haven't lived in Oregon since 1993.

This is the first I have heard about this. Nothing ever showed on my credit report. Moved to hawaii for 12 years.

No liens filed for it. Never contacted about it.

Did have tax problems back then thought I took care of it all. Was a self empoyed. Heck I don't even have access to the records from then.

I currently live in South Carolina.

also, in the letter I received, it does not show the orignal date of amount owed. Just account #, Principal of 499.79, current intrest 870.42, and interest

rate of 11%. (interest rate on oregons department of revenue web page says 6%)

and on the letter is says, "As of the date of this letter you owe the amount stated above". are they attempting to bring it out of the SOL?

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