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CRA Negative Marks with "0" Balance

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Is it possible to get rid of accounts with negative marks that also have a "0" balance? Do I DV these? Or can I get them re-aged?

One is a student loan that I was late on a couple times. Yet one for a car loan was also late a couple times, but it shows up on the positive side and is paid off.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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My experience? They wouldn't remove it. I had an old Bon Marche acct (they're not Macy's) and I had paid late, so they closed the account. Yes-I paid it, in full--and they STILL closed it so it read "closed by credit grantor" and it was a negative on my credit history, but because it was somehow considered a "positive TL" they got away with leaving it on my credit report well over 10 yrs. It was pathetic. I tried and tried to get it removed and never could, finally it just came off on it's own. Than again-that was a department store account, so there may be a difference.

How old is the tradeline?


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