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They want a copy of my credit report?


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Hey guys...

I'm dealing with a Verizon CO account right now (see thread for reference http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?goto=newpost&t=260076)

Here's a little background: We have a court date set for December 1st and I told them I'm suing on the basis on FCRA violations.. not payment history and whether or not I paid before CO. So, the lady left a message (two actually) for me yesterday asking if I would be willing to fax her a copy of my credit report showing these violations (re-aging, inaccurate reporting). She said that if the violations are correct, she could delete the account.

So what I'm wondering... it is wise to send a copy of my report? Considering it's my proof and evidence against them in this case, would supplying the report just give them a greater chance of creating a defense against it?

Also, if they were to change their reporting right now... like erase the "pays as agreed" on the other few months to erase their re-aging, would I still have a case? I do have copies of all the reports and changing TLs.

If the lady is sincere, I would obviously rather settle the problem now and avoid court. I'm just worried this is a ploy on their part to get my information and use it against me in court. Am I being paranoid?


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If you think it will help resolve your case, I would send a redacted copy of your CR. I don't see how it would harm you in any way.

If you really believe in your case and you believe she'll delete the TLs if you are in fact correct, why not do it now instead of wait a year for your trial to finish?

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Use logic on this one.

They have a TL reporting on your credit reports. They have an account with you. They have permissible purpose to obtain an "account management" AM copy of your credit report any time they damn well please.

So WHY would they need YOU to send them a copy?

Fish, smells like Fish.

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Well technically... the account has been closed for over a year. I don't know if that makes a difference in their ability to pull my reports or not. At any rate... I'm going to pass on giving it to them. If they want to see it that bad, they can wait for court.

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There's been several cases that have said that a lawsuit was not a permissible purpose. I don't have cites offhand, fortunately, but that's why they're not pulling (or why they shouldn't be).

However, other courts have held that requesting correction of existing tradelines does permit them to pull, at least outside of lawsuits.

The facts of these other cases may not be relevant to yours, though.

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Okay... she sent me a return FedEX envelope so I'm planning to drop this letter in the mail to her tomorrow. Please give me some feedback.. like things I should leave out, or add in... and thanks for everything so far! :)


Executive Relations

Verizon Wireless – West Area


Dear Melissa,

I received your message and letters regarding obtaining a copy of my credit report to verify the information I gave you. If there is something specific that you are looking for, I can give you some of the details about it. If you think you can delete the account, I am more than willing to give you a copy of it. The problem is, if you get a copy and then decide not to delete the account, I've lost some of my grounding for court. I would love to have this resolved outside of a court process, but I need a little more assurance on your part that you will delete the account if I provide the proof of the FCRA violations.

I can tell you that the re-aging occurs on two different dates between April 2005 and now. No payments were made, yet Verizon reported “pays as agreed” for both months. Since FICO looks at recent payment history, this reporting makes it appear like the account was brought current, and then charged off again, more than once. This re-ages the account by making the charge-off look much more recent than it actually is. These same notations appear on all three major credit reporting agency’s reports, so it not just a one time mistake or error on their part. Also, you said that a payment was posted in March of 2006. March of 06 is not one of the months in question, so that payment (wherever it came from) has no bearing on the errors either. That payment is also not reflected on any of the reports.

Section 623(a)(5) of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act requires furnishers of information to supply “the month and year of the commencement of the delinquency that immediately preceded” the charge off. Since Section 605(a)(4) provides that the credit bureau can only report a delinquency for seven years, by changing the apparent date of the commencement, Verizon Wireless is effectively extending this seven year period.

As I said earlier, I have disputed this account three times since August of this year. As required per FCRA section 623 (a)(3), furnishers are required to provide notice of a dispute, but Verizon did not comply with this until the third dispute. I have several reports and the Equifax Score Watch alert service that show this as well.

If you think you can delete the account off of my reports with this information, I have no problem providing you with copies in order to verify what I’ve stated is correct. However, to make any settlements outside of court, I’ll need everything in writing first.

If you provide me with a deletion letter based on our agreement to provide you with verifiable proof of these reporting errors, I will fax you the document(s). Otherwise I can’t see any benefit in handing over proof/evidence outside of court.

I would greatly appreciate it if you can help me get this cleared off of my reports so that I can continue looking for a home and get back on track with things.

Thank you again and please call me if you have any questions.

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