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Rolling 30 To 60 Days Late.


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signed a contract for a car in 97. i had a 30 or 60 to 90 days rolling late charge since day 1, Now i have a few ???few questions

1. last payment was 4/19/02. this payment brought the days to 55 late , after 72 days late, now i have a printout for the whole time i got this from the oc in 02 when i seen a problem with the contract .and i can see the account was never current.

2. does the sol start at 1 late payment.if so this should be off by now,

3. this account is being reported by oc still for over 9 yrs +

4. can i get the deleted because of the 7 yrs thing, the account has never been current.

5. a ca gave up after i dv them, they said they were giving it back to the oc.

last ?. can i get this removed by given that it has never be current since 7/97

or do i have to wait untill 4/19/09 , 7 yers from dola.



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I had this argument with a utility I habitually paid late when the chargeoff appeared on my report. They were reporting a wrong DOFD by nine months.

The seven-year period is defined based on: "the date of the commencement of the delinquency which immediately preceded the collection activity, charge to profit and loss, or similar action."

I know I've read case law on this point, but offhand I can't remember it.

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