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Hi, all - I'm new and would like to introduce myself.

My situation is this: BK in 2002, I've been mostly a good boy ever since. Bought 3 cars, and got a better interest rate each time, have two small credit card accounts, a store card, etc. Don't have a FICO score yet, but TU is 548, EX is 535, and EQ is 596.

I have a lot to learn about credit repai, so please excuse any subsequent stupid questions. There are some medical bills and jugements that weren't included in the BK that need attention, one current CC account that's reporting 30 days late twice over the last 3 years (they are right, and I'm a dummy), and a few accounts that are included in the BK but are still being reported as late / chargeoff / collection accounts on all three reports, etc. I'm in a position to actually pay any and all of the legit debts that weren't included in the BK, so I figure some improvement will be relatively easy, but I don't want to pay them and then ask for CR changes after they've lost their motivation upon receipt of funds.

Anyway, I'm going to read everything here, maybe ask a question or two, and take some action. The objective is to get a decent mortgage by June '07.

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