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is this a real deal or a spam....?


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Hey folks, can you tell me ...

Just got this from my email pager; is this for real or is it a spam...:confused:

who is Xenex?????

This looks like a spam, but on the other hand it would be sure nice if it paid you something! What do you all think??? Thanks!


Please delete this posting if it is a spam mail... and if it is.... sorry!:roll:


-----Original Message-----

From: kennethsantoss@gmail.com

Subject: Job offer from Xenex

Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2006 11:50:40 +1300

Dear Sir/Ma,

I'm Mr. Kenneth Santoss, I represent Xenex Technology Ltd.We are one of

the fastest growing software company based in Birmingham U.K (UNITED

KINGDOM). We design computer components, and other related software products. At Xenex we specialize in exporting quality products at relatively low prices.

Due to our ever-increasing customer base in North America,

we at Xenex are searching for representatives to assist us in

establishing a medium to connect to our costumers more efficiently.

If you choose to join Xenex as a representative, your basic task will consist of checking emails, processing orders and receiving payments on behalf of Xenex. Note that for every transaction processed, you will receive 10% of the total amount.Xenex product price range starts at $902.45. At 10% you're guaranteed a minimum of $90+ per order. We guarantee that you can start making money as early as in 2 weeks, and you don't need to invest your money , just your spare time to process orders via email.

Please email the following information in order for us to facilitate the conclusion of this proposal if accepted.

(1)Your full names,

(2)Contact address and,

(3)Phone/fax numbers.

For more information please contact me via email on


Yours Truly.

Mr. Kenneth Santoss

Marketing Executive

Xenex Technology Ltd

Xenex House

90 New Town Row,


B6 4HZ.

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Of course it is hard to be absolutely certain, but this does sound like a scam that was going around a couple of years ago...

The bottom line is you are required to process their "customers" payments through your bank. You receive a payment, deposit to your account, then send them 90% of the total deposit...then, days later,the payment turns out to be bogus...in fact, one variation I heard of, the payments were in the form of charges to stolen credit cards...

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I get several of these a week. Some of the perpetrators have even begin posting them as job ads on Craigslist (where they are promptly flagged off).

Ask yourself... would a legitimate employer find their employees by sending millions of random spam emails? And if not, why would they have randomly chosen YOU?

Totally ignore anything like this.

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I think I will tailor an email about a bridge I want to sell. 32 feet long enough?

I could use the extra holiday cash!

Subject: what are you sale

To: hotelrooms@antespam.co.uk

Greetings,My name is JOHN, i am highly interested in buying

your bridge from you ,I will like you to give me the

FINAL ASKING price and the lastes condition,also i will like you to

scan the pics for me for proper verifycation.As for the shipping,I have

a liable shipper that takes goods care of all my shipping .i will be paying

with a cartified cashier check is the payment method.So pls email me back so

that we can conclude about it. and i will like you to feed me out of this

info...Name... Address... City.... State.... Country... Phone# I await ur this

info so that i can fax it down to my client that will send u thecashiers

check before holidays.. hope this is acceptable ,email me ASAP....... pls REGARDs JOHN

or perhaps





i am frank, son of governor of lagos state of nig.

i am looking for any bank manager over there to contact i want to

have savice acconut over there i am coming over there soon to stay

and invest my money be fore then i need a bank manager that i can

have his acconut number let me transfer all my money to him for my

savice accont over there before i come over there pls if ur a bank

manager and you can do if for me pls contact me by mail or phoen

number(+2348030535289)i have ($1,hundredand fiftymillion) to transfer

to you 4 my starting savice acconut over there so contact me let us ga2

talk about it

so bye and god bless you from fr.son.

OK I'm getting carried away now.. sorry.

But I know my grammer needs some CPR but these guys.. Babble fish?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi folks!

Yup, needed to hear from you all on that spammy thing...:roll: Must have been overloaded with too much work that day... I got many spams from other countries just trying to put the wool over your eyes...I just hope some poor smuck doesn't fall for this crap!!!


Thanks for all your inputs! :)++

Take care.


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