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CRA in violation, what constitutes damage?

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So, I have this thing with EQ where they reinserted inaccurate information without notifying and they claim it isn't "that kind of reinsertion". I've been kicking this around and seems to be a sure bet that it's a violation. Question becomes -so what? Is that one of those "pull the crank and out pops $1,000 type of violations?" My understanding is that FCRA is not a strict liability statute like FCDPA, and actual damages need to be proven. Outside of the standard "mental anguish and humiliation", I have been denied an AMEX because of missed payments. I have this one and one other that's 4 years old. Inasmuch, I don't think I can claim that this one late was definitely the cause of my application for the AMEX getting refused.

So, a little help here. Other than an ITS to hasten deletion, is there any meat on the bones here?

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The reinsertion was a late payment.

I June my creditor and I had a "misunderstanding" resulting in a late entry. I had to climb up to the VP of Credit Card Services. She agreed to forgive the late payment and they deleted. I got an email from her, but she wouldn't send me a letter. I got a letter from the credit deparatment.

2 weeks ago, the late reappeared. It was different this time, however. Maybe the difference is the problem.

The first entry had the date of the late payment 6/2006 and the status said "31-60 days late". the second entry only had the status entry reinserted.

I called the OC and they said that they sent the correction again, but gave me the standard 60-90 day story. They also said the reason why it was reinserted was because I still had my previous dispute through the CRA in process when they sent in the deletion. Their system had not yet been updated and it replied to the ACVD with a verify.

I waited a week, just to be sure they didn't notify me. I then called EX and TU. They both went and found the notes pertaining to the previous deletion and deleted the info while I was on hold! EQ said that they cannot, because this "isn't that kind of a reinsertion"

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