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Paid Collections from Medical & Library

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Guest MyBoyfriendHaveA750

Okay, long story short. I went to the ER in 01/2006. Of couse I didn't pay the bill nor did I call the hospital. Fast foward to 10/2006 I recieve a letter from Account Receivable Collections, Inc. Ironically it stated that "it is in your best interest to send your check or money order to us now that this matter can be amicably resolved". I paid it 11/15/06. Then I received another letter (dated 11/10/06 sent 11/14/06) telling me that the risk I am taking is great and pay or prepare for the consequences. I just checked my report from Equifax and here's what it said.

Accounts Recievable Coll

Agency Address: P.O. Box 280414

Columbia, SC 29228-0414

Date Reported: 11/2006

Date Assigned: 07/2006

Creditor Classification: Medical/Health Care


Accounts Number: 774894B8XXXX

Account Owner: Individual Account

Original Amount Owned: $198

Date of 1st Delinquency: 01/2006

Balance Date: 11/2006

Balance Owned: $298

Date of Last Activity: n/a

Status Date: 11/2006

Status: D-Unpaid

Comments: Medical

Apparently I already suffered the so called consenquences. And they did not inform me of reporting it to the CRA. I thought it's required to tell the debtor? I took note of ncgal's thread, however I paid through the CA so bad move on my part. And I do not appreciate the "Unpaid" when I paid it a week ago. Any more suggestions? I am thinking about giving it a couple of months before I DV it, hoping that they purged my records. Now with my Experian credit report the CA above did not show up. However, this came up.

Unique National Collec

Account Name:

Account Number: 342XXXX

Account Type: Collection Department/Agency/Attorney

Account Status: Closed

Monthly Payment:

Date Open: 11/1/2004


Terms: 1 Month

High Balance:


Past Due:

Payment Status: Paid, was a collection account, insurance claim or government claim or was terminated for default.

I paid that directly to the library in 06/06 so maybe the CA also purged their accounts as well. They sure did not report everything to Experian, just enough to hurt me. As you can see my boyfriend have a 750 (Experian) so I checked mine (671 Experian). I am only 22 so I have those against me along with the fact that my revolving/installed accounts are not over three years old.

How odd, BMG's CA just called me as I was writing this. Now I know better to request "remove account from CRAs upon payment" in writing. Thank you for reading.

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It's not that old, and not a large amount. I would try some damage control before getting sniffy with them. Contact the hospital administrator or at least the manager of their billing department and give them a polite sob story about how you thought the bill had been covered by your insurance. Explain how "of course" you're not the sort of person who would duck out on paying their bills and how you would like to get this resolved right away. Ask them to please remove the listing from your credit reports in return for a prompt payment in full of the original amount owed. Keep the conversation polite and sound a little embarrassed that the whole thing happened.

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"...I thought it's required to tell the debtor..."


"...I do not appreciate the "Unpaid" when I paid it a week ago..."

Data Furnishers don't update instantaneously. The normal amount of time it takes is 60 - 90 days. This is ordinary, customary, standard-operating procedure. So you may want to give them a chance to update the TL.

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