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Negotiating a deletion by threatening a class action


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I've got an attorney that is ready to file a class action suit against a debt collection law firm suing us for ~$1000. I want to use the threat of this class action to get the alleged debt deleted.

(Ideally, they would agree to report the alleged debt to the CRAs for deletion and agree that the debt is not ours, in return for a signed agreement relinquishing our right to sue and a signed NDA about the matter.)

But the debt collection law firm is suing on behalf of a big JDB.

I'm pondering what to do if the lawyers claim that they can't report the debt to the CRA's for deletion because it's their client's, not theirs. Obviously, they can cease litigation, but if the debt just goes back to the JDB and gets placed with another lawyer, that's no solution.

I know there are people here who have worked in collections, and maybe even law firms that engaged in collections. Does a CA assigned a debt have the capacity to report that debt to the CRAs for deletion? What do they do if they discover a debt that isn't valid?

Any negotiating tips are welcome.

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