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Satisfy judgement with defunct company?

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My cousin is trying to purchase a home and days before settlement, it was discovered that her husband had a 21 year old judgement against him from a debt with a now-defunct doctor's office. She may not be able to obtain financing unless the judgeent is paid. Naturally, the judgement fell of CR years ago. My cousin wants to pay the judgment so she can have it satisfied but since the company is no longer in business, what does she do? I've been lurking these forums looking for advice to give her and haven't been able to find anything. The posts on this site have made a difference in my life and I'm now an advocate for helping others. Thanks for any help you can give.

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What state did the judgment originate in and what state is your cousin in?

In most states judgments are not good for more than 20 years (the only state that I know of with a longer SOL is Ohio at 21 years).

It may be entirely possible to print out the law and present it to the lender demonstrating that the judgment is now void due to it having expired... if they don't want to play ball go find another...

I'd be damned if I'd throw money away on an uneforceable expired judgment from 20 years ago.

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