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SOL Runs Out, Still on CR

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If there are items on my credit report that are beyond the SOL, do I need to DV them to get them to be deleted? I believe the SOL here is 5 yrs, but things remain on the CR for 7 yrs.

Quite new at this and have had some success so far, you all have been very helpful.;)

Yep-they will continue reporting on your cr's even though the SOL has expired. Some people say that "they don't want to ruin your credit...they just want their money..." but I'm not one of those people! Many of them most definitely want to ruin your credit, they'll leave their reporting there for all eternity if they could. Once the 7 yr mark comes up, I'd start in on them to get them removed if they don't remove them themselves.

What you could do is, since the SOL expired-try to request validation of the debt--do this via CMRRR, when you receive the green card back indicating that they received your letter, dispute w/ the credit reporting companies--hense the 1-2 punch. You may get some off this way, you may not but it's worth it if you have another 2 yrs to wait until they fall off.

Just my thoughts...good luck!! :)


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