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can someone explain me B/L ratio?

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I am looking for a new credit card. Currently I have only one credit card, BoA secured with $500 limit. Since the limit is only $500, I use it wisely, but make 3 payments a month, every 10 days, due to the travel based job I am involved in. Below is a description of what each of the big 3 have reported for the BoA Revolving a/c.







Here are my questions

1) How do I calculate my B/L ratio? What should it be? plz explain.

2) I spend most of my time on-line reading articles on this website, and consequently keep checking my 3 CR to clearly understand the concept of credit repair and apply to my report(s). Do soft inquires, of any volume (I log in 8-10 times/day/CRA) affect the score.?

3) I have just started paying for monitoring services for all 3. Should I keep all 3 services or just one? I prefer Equifax.

4) Making payments 3-4 times a month on any type of a/c (revolving, installment, etc) affect the score in either a bad or good way? I despise the idea of late fees.

5) I do have a One from AMEX Charge card. My girlfriend added me as a secondry member, she being the primary. Does this affect my credit score.?

6) I do have my credit scores and reports from all 3 and also the same from myfico.com . Which scores should I rely on, myfico or each individual website?

7) this question has always intrigued me and wanted an answer to it. Do people working for the government, secret service, military/air/navy personals stationed abroad have any special category/considerations regarding their scores and reports? Are they in the 700+ club?

thanks for all the information.

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