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My sister is in the process of doine a refiance of a mortgage. On her credit report(EQUIFAX) it shows her as a joint user of a credit card. She has never had

a chase card but her husband did. He passed away a few years ago but it shows up on her credit report as a charge of. She does not recall ever signing for this card as a joint user. Her husband may have put her on it as a authorized user.

The date of last activity shows as January 2002 so in here california the sol will be up in January.

My question is should this be disputed now as "not mine" or disupute it because on the entry in the credit report it does not show any account number. Thanks

for any help.


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Well, being a "joint-user" means she's jointly responsible...however, if she didn't authorize it she probably has the right to dispute it. Did she EVER use the card? If she never used it, she should immediately dispute w/ the furnisher of that info (the collection agency currently holding the CO'd acct and if not them, then the original creditor who charged it off). I'd dispute it as "not mine." She wasn't aware of it and to her knowledge it isn't hers. If there's a chance she used it though, then something else needs to be done IMHO.


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