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I went to my pre-trial judgement.When I went to court I gave the judge my name,and a gentlema and I went outside the courtroomto discuss the judgement Capital One was going to get from me.He asked me if I could pay $185.00 a month,replied no,he asked me if Iwanted the Judgement against me,replied I don't care,went back in and told the Judge that I was agreeing to the judgement,that was the 17th of Nov.

Tonight I receive a phone call from the lawyers representing Cap One.He asked if I went to the pretrial,yes,what happened?,I agreed to the judgement.I am pissed,if I had known they weren't there I would have asked for a dismissal.Now I don't know what to expect.The legal aid isn't much help,they wouldn't go to court with me.What happens next?I live in Fl.THANKS

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