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I sent an email to Asset Acceptance to remote their TL's...


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My email...

Dear Asset Acceptance,

Your company current is reporting two accounts that you own as derogatory on my credit reports. I have requested validation for these accounts multiple times and all I have received is a copy of your computer printout showing the current balance and an original creditor. This item is not proper validation of a debt. These are yet another attempt to collect a debt which has not been validated after sending a request for validation within the 30 day’s provided by the FCRA. My credit report also continues to be updated which is also a violation of the FCRA and all these events are actionable since it is a strict liability statute.

My credit reports have been updated twice since requesting validation of the accounts, as well as the standard letter / balance sheet you send in response to a request for debt validation. These violations, and your continued reporting and verification to the credit reporting bureaus shows that you are knowingly violatiing federal law.

The account numbers of these accounts are xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx. I expect these to be removed from my credit reports within 5 days.

Their response:


Asset Acceptance LLC is committed to maintaining the highest standards of professional ethics and compliance to state and federal regulations.

Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to your concerns via e-mail at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience and invite you to contact us by phone or in writing regarding your complaint.

I can be reached directly at 586-446-5641 8:30am through 5:00pm Eastern.

You can also contact our Compliance Department at 877-234-3936 from 11:00am through 3:00pm Eastern.

This is an attempt to collect a debt; any information obtained will be used for that purpose.


Debt Collector

Asset Acceptance LLC

P.O. Box 2036

Warren, MI 48090


FAX 586-446-1798



From: some guy

Sent: Monday, November 27, 2006 9:06 AM

To: Customer Service

Subject: Phone calls to my home

To whom it may concern:

A Mr. Arnold Line (sp) extension 6881 continues to leave messages on my answering machine for a Mr. Robert Consoli. The messages start out " By continuing to listen you acknowledge that you are in fact Robert Consoli" and frankly I am getting tired of it so I thought I might shed a little light on just how stupid Mr. Line is.

I have lived at this address for five years. The previous tenet not Mr. Consoli lived at this address for two years. My phone number has traveled with me to several homes over the last ten years and has never been Mr. Consoli's. I have no knowledge of Mr. Consoli but it is possible that he lived here but AT LEAST SEVEN YEARS AGO.

So by continuing to read this e-mail, you acknowledge that you employ people so stupid that they can't get any closer to an old debt than seven years!!! Christ any three year old with internet access could do better than that.

I suggest that Mr. Line perhaps choose another career as he has shown no aptitude at this one.

Have a great day

Ahhh.. good ol AA.

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Guest E. Normis Debtor

One correction. FCRA does not operate as a strict liability statute for reporting inaccuracies because it requires a showing of knowledge before liability for negligence can be established.

Pulling your report without permissible purpose would be an example of strict liability under the FCRA.

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