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YES!!!!! Bank of America got DELETED!!!!!


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One of my worst baddies got deleted from my Equifax report.

BofA decided to change the account number and then the account started reporting twice on Experian using the old and new account number. TU has been updated with the new account number, and Equifax was the old number, which is now DELETED!!!!


Hopefully the other two follow suit.

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I noticed BOA doing the same on mine. Did you dispute the EQ TL for it to be deleted? Have you disputed the other TL on EX (since it's reporting twice)?

I disputed it because they have been reporting increasing balances since September when it was paid, and when I was writing the letters to Tu, Ex, and Eq I saw the new account number show up too. I got letters from BofA showing both accounts are paid in full. I disputed the new acct number as not mine, and asked for the old acct number to be updated with correct info.

Nothing happened until I sent an email to the CEO on Sunday evening. Then today stuff starts getting deleted.

I made sure to let them know that my wife and I are customers with multiple accounts of all types and that they are practicing illegal reporting tactics. Ive been calling their Liason dept. for about 6 weeks straight trying to get this fixed and nothing ever came of that.

I just pulled on TC and the TU entry is gone too. Just Eq hanging around now with two accounts.

My FAKO has gone from 582 to 597 for TU.

Now I just have to get rid of the two Asset TL's and Im homefree. Then it'll be time to work on some older OC accounts that have been paid.

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