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One More Baddie Goes Bye-Bye


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Got news today that my EX dispute had finished, and that Chrysler confirmed my late payments (darn them, but it is accurate), and First Premier had removed my late payments from 2003 and 2004. Whee!

This also means that my most recent late payments are now from July 2003 on EX (instead of August 2004 on EQ and TU).

While this doesn't change the number of tradelines that have issues overall (the First Premier lates are still reporting on EQ and TU), it's good to have one gone.

I should have two really major baddies falling off EX this month (90 days is in March 2000, so that means the DOFD was December 1999). Because they're just lates and the tradeline was positive for three years after that, it'll still report. Yay.

ETA: I started with 31 baddies on EX, so getting down to a handful is HUGE.

Are we almost there?

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