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Will AMEX give in?

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Once again I will start by thanking everyone out here for sharing their knowledge.

Brief history of mine, I have been a victim of ID theft. Filed docs with local PD and the Big 3 have acknowledged fraud on my report. Confirmed ID theft is yet to be decided by authorities. My reports do have derogatory and collections on them dated between 2003 and 2004 which is not of my doing.

I applied online for the Delta Sky miles AMEX CC. Got a little itchy with all those mail offers they kept sending for this card. I got Denied. I then called the CS 3-4 times within an hour and spoke to a several diff reps. All reps said one thing "we do see fraud, but it does not say ID theft on your EQ report. Please clear all derogatory and collections from you report and reapply". Finally I got to speak to a supervisor, who humbly listened to my situation. I kept reinforcing on the negatives on my CR and told her it’s not of my doing, i should not get punished for paying my bills on time, everytime. I told her I have docs to prove. Her reply "your application will be with us for 60 days. Try to clear all negative items off your report with the bureaus and then reapply. This will not cause a hard pull".

Here are my questions:

1) The big 3 has sent me docs and put me on security alerts for 6 mths. Does this have any significance while applying for CC.

2) Will negatives come off my reports in 60 days , if I keep in touch with the big 3 and keep hounding them?

3) Is it true that AMEX keeps apps for 60 days, and there won't be a hard pull again, if I reapply?

EQ 646

EX 511

TU 635

plz inform and suggest.

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They will need to re-pull in order to verify that the items are gone.

Amex is mostly an EX puller these days.

so the re-pull will be considered an inquiry on CR?

what about the app sitting with them, will it be there for 60 days and can it work against me when i re apply.?

the rep said, they pulled EQ.

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Ahh, okay, that says a lot more.

Given that, they may not need to pull a new hard since they're doing account reviews regularly and probably will know when the info updates. I don't know how integrated their systems are, but they seem pretty integrated.

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