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I Hate These People


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OK, I have disputed a collection from "Paragon Way/TX Collect" and god knows who else they go by this week. I sent them 2 verification letters and rec. the return rec. back. The 1st was in early Sept. and most recent was early Nov.

I have heard nothing back from them, not word one...no letter, no call. It has been deleted from 2 reports but not TransUnion. I disputed with them and got results today. Of course its not deleted. I got mad and finally called "Paragon". He had no proof it was mine he could give me, said "something is on order from orig. creditor". The damn debt is from 2001!!, I dont think its mine. Will the o/c even have anything left from something this old to verify??

Also on my report is says "date opened" 4/2006...its from 2001 though...isnt that reported wrong?. I dont know what to do about these morons and I want this off my report...any suggestions?? :)

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