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Hard Inquiries and Fraud Alerts... Downside of a FA

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I posted this once before so forgive the duplicate.

I did a annualcreditreport.com freebie a year ago..

I somehow chose the wrong address or something.

they made me phone them when I signed up for TrueCredit.com

They said someone tried to access my report... using the wrong user id and

address... nothing seemed out of the ordinary with the exception of my ex after three years of NO child support requested by me.. well I asked for child support for four kids.

That's the only out of the ordinary situation at the time that could have lead to the TU folks not allowing me to get my report online now..

Bogus.. But I use Privacy Guard, EQ and EX direct from their website.

Interesting enough I can still see TU through Privacy Guard..

Hope that all didn't confuse you.

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