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No settlement from verizon


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Not only no settlement, but they claim they have reported nothing inaccurate. Their lawyer got on the phone and told me that Verizon does not give full reports to the CRA's, so they would never report "pays as agreed" sevral times after reporting the first CO.

My history on Equifax and Experian show this:

1/05 - pays

2/05 - pays

3/05 - pays

4/05 - CO

5/05 - CO

6/05 - pays

7/05 - CO

8/05 - CO

9/05 - CO

10/05 - CO

11/05 - CO

12/05 - CO

1/06 - pays

2/06 - CO (through present)

I mentioned that they didn't put the dispute notice on the tradeline after the first two disputes, and he said "we told the CRA's that the account was in dispute, so it's up to them to put it in the notation...and I'll bring the documents in tomorrow (at court)"

I said "so you're telling me the CRA's are in violation and I should be suing them?" He pretty much evaded the question and moved on to other stuff.

They're going to court with it tomorrow... which leads me to wonder... do I even have a case anymore?

Ugh... I think I'm gonna be sick

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Move for a continuance and amend your complaint to name the CRA involved.

I would doubt the veracity of his statement, frankly, insofar as it seems he would have moved to dismiss the complaint had he had such evidence in hand.

This is another reason why it is always better to name all possibly culpable party and to always file in the trial level state court wherein discovery is provided.

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I did request a continuance today and he set it for one week later. Verizon's rep showed up (not a lawyer, just an employee in the recovery department).

Maybe they'll settle it this week before the next court appearance, but if not, at least it's not likely that the rep is any more informed on legal issues than we are.

I did ask him if he had represented them before and he said only once... not sure of what the outcome was since I didn't want to pry TOO much.

At least we have an extra week to get things pulled together. I gave the judge our copy of all the evidence (facts, counts, credit reports, green cards etc) and he wrote down some of the statute numbers and said he'd review the FCRA laws over the next week.

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Many times you can chalk up whatever the bozo's (AKA; Opposing parties) have to say to intimidation. If they can make you "doubt" your case, you may be likely to pull out. Mind games, I'm telling you. The whole court system is like a crazy ritualistic dance at times, sometimes the players just need to learn it to do well. I'm glad you got your continuance and were able to give the judge your proof.

Stay firm, don't give up. The one thing I can promise you is, making you question your case was purposeful. It's my understanding that CRA's are only reporting information given to them, for Verizon to claim that the CRA's (and uh, all three???) "knowingly" reported inaccurate information is a pretty strong accusation...hmmm...maybe a little birdie should call the CRA's and tell them the Verizon lie...grrr...


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That's what I was thinking too... that they were more than less trying to scare us out of court. The man I talked to (and the women too) didn't seem to have ANY knowledge FCRA laws. They simply said that "it is not Verizon's practice to go outside of FCRA guidelines".

I said the very same thing to him - how could all three CRAs have exactely the same information for the same two months, six months apart if they didn't receive their information directly from Verizon? He couldn't answer this, of course.. but it was definitely his intention to clear Verizon and put all of the blame on the CRAs

We dispute three times... the CRAs ask for verification that the account is reporting accurately... they verify it all three times... and then try and play dumb like they didn't know the CRAs were reporting pays as agreed "sporatically"

I definitely smell a rat :?

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