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Reinsertion Question


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My DH had a TL deleted from his reports . He diputed it and it came off and I even have a letter from the OC (Bank of America) saying that they were deleting the TL from all credit agencys and even list them all by name.

Well I checked dh's report and it is back on TU and EQ. :evil: It has been a while I'm not sure when they were reinserted , but he never recieved notice they were being put back on.

So now I send a copy of the letter from BOA to them and demand deletion , right? I don't have to redispute?

And is this a violation that I sue for or do I sue only if they refuse to remove it?


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FCRA-based suits should almost always involve damages, you don't seem to have damages here, so I wouldn't bother. If the goal is to get the item removed, start by calling TU. You will need to tell them approximately when it was previously deleted. I went through this with them and got the item deleted while on the phone.

If that fails, the you have two choices - demand that it be removed because it was reinserted and they did not notify you. If you can provide proof that it was reinserted, then you might get somewhere with that. Or you can simply send in a dispute and wait a couple weeks.

Either way, the ltter from BofA should be sent in if you mail something - be it the letter demanding removal or the dispute.

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I have the original credit reports with the TL on it , copies of the dispute letters sent and/or confermation numbers and print outs of the ones I did online, and copies of the new reports with the TL deleted. So I can prove they reinserted it.

It just makes me so angry because we bought a new home a couple months ago and im not sure if it was showing then or not (The mortgage co. didn't say anything bad so im guessing maybe it wasn't ).And we were going to get a new auto but decided to wait till spring to get this all deleted again and his scores going back up.

I don't want to sue them , I get intimidated easily but I wasn't sure if I should

include an ITS letter with the demand for deletion. I guess I will just demand first and see where it goes from there.

Thanks all.

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My disputes are almost always handled in blazing fast speed. Part of this is because I am working with the Fraud deparatment. With them, what I do is this:

1. call in the dispute, get a confirmation number.

2. on that call request the fax number to send in additional information

3. Fax in a very, very simple letter - it's in bullet point format with my identification information at the top:

Consumer Name: Pilgrim

Consumer SSN: 111-22-3333

Confirmation number: 1111111111

Regarding reinserted information for Tradeline with creditor (creditor name) account number (account number name).

* As you can see from the enclosed letter from the creditor, this information should be removed from my file

* As you can see from the enclosed credit reports, this information was previously on my report, was removed, and then it was reinserted

* The information was reinserted without notification to me

Since this information was reinserted without proper notification, I request that you immediately block it from my file.

4. Wait 3 days and call back and ask about the status. It takes 3 days for inbound faxes to be processed. It's critical to call back in. She will tell you that it takes 21-30 days to process. Tell her that you faxed additional information in and ask if she can find it.


1. Faxes get processed faster than mail

2. Fraud dept disputes are processed by higher pay grade people

3. 2 of 3 reinsertions of mine were deleted on the phone without the letters

4. 3rd was deleted in a week

I've used this method for all sorts of disputes when I knew it should be removed and the results happen very fast.

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OK , Thanks. And I have to agree I hate talking to the mindless drones at the CRA ( which is why I try never to call them) .He did have a fraud alert on a while back . Im not sure if it's still in effect. He lost his wallet and cards ( which he later found...thank goodness ) so he had put it on for that reason.

So I will try your way and hope for the best.:)

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